A test of the 2080t 22gb Turbo Edition graphics card

A test of the 2080t 22gb Turbo Edition graphics card

 In today's review, we're diving into the highly acclaimed 2080 Ti 22GB Turbo Edition graphics card—a powerhouse that's been making waves in the tech community. Let's explore the enhanced capabilities of this card.

Upgraded from the standard 11GB of VRAM, the card now boasts a hefty 22GB, catering to even the most memory-intensive tasks. It benefits from high-quality Samsung memory modules, and the 300A core is ripe for overclocking enthusiasts.

When put under strain, the card's power consumption hovers between 260 to 300 watts. A robust turbo fan cooling system keeps the temperatures around a stable 70 degrees Celsius. Given its power needs, a minimum of a 750-watt power supply is recommended to ensure smooth operation.

To quantify its performance, we conducted a range of benchmark tests. Scores from 3DMark came in at 12,624 for Time Spy and 6,001 for Fire Strike Extreme, reflecting its robust rendering capabilities. The Entertainment Master benchmark yielded a score of 530,000, showcasing the card's proficiency in multimedia tasks.

For creative professionals, Spack's video editing and 3D rendering performance were impressive. A scene rendered in 3ds Max using a free renderer was completed in just 57 seconds, with consistently smooth image previews throughout the process.

In AI-driven tasks, the card excelled in stable diffusion artwork creation. Producing a 512x768 image took a mere 5.4 seconds, and a batch of eight images was generated in 44 seconds, underscoring the card's suitability for AI applications.

Gaming performance was tested on three contemporary titles at 2K resolution with maxed-out settings. "Shadow of the Tomb Raider" ran at an average of 103 FPS, "Dawn of the Dead" hovered around 94 FPS, and "Quake V" maintained a solid 75 FPS. The enhanced 22GB VRAM gives the 2080 Ti Turbo a significant edge, especially in memory-dependent scenarios.

Price-wise, for a $500 card packing 22GB of video memory, the 2080 Ti Turbo Edition stands unrivaled among Nvidia's offerings. While individual performance may vary depending on your personal rig's configuration, it can be confidently said that the 2080 Ti's 22GB variant offers compelling performance enhancements across the board.

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