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  • Best Alternative to RTX 3090 with Only 1/3 the Price Tag.
  • Natively Supported by All Nvidia Drivers. No Need to Modify BIOS.
  • Tested and Used by 700+ Customers. Reduce GPU Cost.
  • Great for Data Center Deployment or Personal AI Hobbists.

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How Do Buyers Say


  • John from New York

    "I had a smooth and positive experience with seller. The product arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Communication was top-notch! The GPU is performing exceptionally well, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!"

  • Emily from California

    "GPU works great for machine learning with all 22 gigabytes usable as described. Highly recommended if you're deep in pytorch and need the VRAM."

  • Alex from Texas

    "It works! It even overclocks a little bit. In all respects a 2080ti, but more VRAM. Turned out to be the 3-output version of the card, 2x DP and 1x HDMI. Would buy again."

How Does It Work


  • Can you help upgrade my own GPU? Sorry but no. We no longer mod customer’s own GPU for quality control reasons.
  • Do you provide upgraded version of RTX 30xx or 40xx? No. We only offer 2080ti with upgraded 22GB vram. Technically it is impossible to change the vram of RTX 30xx or 40xx
  • Can I use the regular driver? Yes. After the upgrade, it is still a 2080ti. Any driver you find from the NVIDIA official website that supports 2080ti will work for our product. Windows gaming driver is ok. Linux driver for running CUDA applications is also fine.
  • Do I need to use special driver to enable 22GB vram? No. You can use any regular drivers for 2080ti.
  • Do I need to modify the bios? No. You don’t need to modify the bios.
  • Why do I find articles about changing the bios to use the upgraded 2080ti? Some hardcore fans choose to modify the bios for overclocking the GPU to beat its max power consumption. The overclocking will bring you ~15% speed increase. But we don’t recommend changing the bios or overclocking.
  • Why some shipment is created from Hong Kong? When we run low on stock, we ask our partner in Hong Kong to supply. You still enjoy the same warranty and return as if it is shipped by us (i.e. in the rare case if you'd like to ask for refund or exchange, you only need to ship it back to California, USA). Shipping from Hong Kong only adds 2 business days in delivery time.
  • I am a gamer. Can I benefit from this upgraded 2080ti? No. The VRAM upgrade has little improvement on gaming performance. It is intended to help deep learning training. However, the upgrade does not affect gaming either. You can still use regular NVIDIA desktop drivers to play any games.
  • Why your eBay store shows out of stock, while this website shows in stock? Ebay places restrictions on how many we can sell every month. You are welcomed to place an order in this website, even if eBay shows out of stock.
  • Why your ebay store's price is higher? Ebay charges a transaction fee to seller (us). So we price eBay higher than our official website.

Terms to International Buyers

We do ship world-wide. We use Fedex or DHL for shipments. Please review the following terms if you are out of the US. Placing an order from the website suggests that you agree to these terms:

  • EU charges 0%-13% import tax on electronics. It varies depending on which EU nation you are in. You will pay for the import tax by the time you receive the package.
  • In the rare case if you don't like our product, and if you are within the guaranteed return time window, you have to make a proper return shipment to us (California, US) for full refund. We do not cover the return shipment. We cannot assist with the return shipment either.